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"Specializing in Tiger (Curly) Maple"

Tiger-Hunt is on the prowl to supply you with fine thick dimension hardwood. We are located in the best curly maple country in the world - the Allegheny Mountains of Western Pennsylvania. Here, a mix of northern and southern hardwoods grow in thin well drained rocky soil during a relatively short growing season. The result is dense fine grained hardwood which is not brash and chippy like wood from the too far north, nor does it have worm tracts like wood from milder climates.

Our specialization is the traditional curly maple gunstock quality wood, however we usually have figured cherry, ash and oak on hand. All grades of maple are regularly available, however, before placing an order for the other figured hardwoods, please inquire as to availability of specific grades and price.

Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) is often referred to as soft maple, but this is only a relative description. When dry, red maple weighs approximately the same as American Black Walnut (38 lbs. per cubic foot).
Sugar Maple (Acer Saccharum) is commonly called hard or rock maple. When dry, sugar maple weighs 44 lbs. per cubic foot. This is the wood of which bowling pins are made.
Both red and sugar make extremely fine rifles. The builder who is planning to execute fine checkering or detailed raised carving will usually prefer the sugar maple. If contrast of the figure or stripe is of primary importance, then the builder would be well advised to use Red Maple.
Wild Black Cherry (Prunos Serotina) ages to a deep red. Our figured cherry has a distinctive "rope" or "braided" figure and is extremely rare. Seldom does it curl like maple. Black cherry is highly stable and was used for long construction levels before aluminum. Western Pennsylvania cherry is considered the best furniture grade cherry in the world.
White Ash (Fraxinus Americana) is an oak look alike. It makes an extremely durable rifle stock, as it is strong, resilient and moderately heavy. Traditional uses for white ash are baseball bats, tennis rackets and snow shoes. Curly ash is very rare. Often the curl is similar to that of maple, however the curls intersect perpendicularly with coarse growth ring grain structure, creating a pleasing checkered pattern. Ash is very appropriate for Southern Mountain rifles and "working rifles" in general.
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BLANKS - Blanks are kiln dried to 6-8% humidity and are stored in a controlled atmosphere. The Blanks for each gun type are bandsawed from patterns which will make all but the most radical styles of stock configuration. Blanks are surface planed on both sides and are an actual 2-3/8" - 2-1/2" thickness. Full stock Pennsylvania Long Rifle Blanks will accept a minimum 42" barrel. Extra long Blanks are available at extra cost. 2-3/4" - 3" thick blanks are available at 20% over regular blank prices. Excessive loss during drying is responsible for a portion of the increase in price for the thicker blanks.

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