Native American War Clubs

A IROQUOIS - 2-1/2" Ball - 23" Length iroq
B HURON - Kick back grip - 2-3/4" Ball - 23" Length kickback
C IROQUOIS - "Wolverine" Head Club - 2-3/4" Ball - 20" Length wolv
D IROQUOIS - Braddock's Field Club - F+I War - 3-3/4" Ball - 18" Length braddock

Our Native American Ball Clubs are historically accurate, pre-shaped reproductions of traditional Eastern American Indian war club styles. These clubs are available in Curly Maple, Black Cherry, and Black Walnut wood, and is carved from a single solid blank.  Clubs will be delivered to you in a "95%-completed" state - you then finish to your own specifications.

Paintable Grade* Walnut, Cherry and Figured Maple
A, B - $35.00 A, B - $55.00
C, D - $45.00 C, D - $65.00
*Paintable grade pieces are made unintentionally - they become available when we encounter an unexpected defect in the wood, such as a small open knot, ingrown bark, or a minor crack. Because we never intend to produce this grade, they are available only when they "occur".

Ball Clubs