Our Wood

Tiger Hunt specializes in traditional curly sugar maple wood; however, we also typically carry a variety of robustly-figured cherry, ash and oak on hand.  From time to time, we offer other types of figured hardwoods, so send us an inquiry if you're looking for something unusual. While all grades of maple are regularly in-stock and available for order, we may only have a limited number of grades or price levels of other figured hardwoods in our inventory at any given time.  It's a good idea to check with us prior to placing an order if you're looking for a special piece.

Historically, Pennsylvania long rifles were primarily crafted from curly maple - both red and sugar - but cherry, walnut, and ash were also used less frequently.

Sugar Maple

Red Maple

Black Cherry

Sugar Maple (Acer Saccharum) is commonly called hard or rock maple. This is the wood of which bowling pins are made. Particularly figured pieces are sometimes referred to as "tiger maple" due to the tight striping that resembles the coat of a tiger. When dry, sugar maple weighs 44 pounds per cubic foot. When optimally cut, sugar maple can take on an almost holographic-quality under the right light.

Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) is often referred to as soft maple, but this is only a relative description. When dry, red maple weighs approximately the same as American Black Walnut (38 pounds per cubic foot). Both red and sugar maple make extremely fine rifles. While the builder who is planning to execute fine checkering or detailed, raised carving will usually prefer the sugar maple, a builder to whom contrast of figure or stripe is of primary importance would be well-advised to use red maple.

Wild Black Cherry (Prunos Serotina) ages to a deep red. It is highly stable and was used for long construction levels before aluminum. Our figured black cherry has a distinctive "rope" or "braided" figure and is extremely rare. Seldom does it curl like maple. Western Pennsylvania cherry is considered the best furniture grade cherry in the world, and can be used to create a durable rifle that truly stands apart aesthetically.

Looking for something else? Tiger Hunt carries other wood varieties, such as oak, walnut, and ash, from time to time as local availability and demand permits. Contact us to submit an inquiry to find out about our current inventory or to arrange a special order or custom work.